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A high morbidity of preschool children in the Ostrava hot spot of PM10 pollution

Přidáno: 11.06.2013 12:07:00 Počet shlédnutí: 1050

11 Červen 2013

Ostrava is the third largest city and the second largest urban agglomeration in the Czech Republic. At present it is one of the most polluted region in European Union by particulate matter and carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The highest annual values of PM10 have been reported from the monitoring station in Ostrava city district of Radvanice and Bartovice (R&B). We aimed at assessing morbidity of preschool children living in R&B. The study is a part of a project comparing morbidity of children living in different parts of the city of Ostrava and has been approved by the Ethical committee of IEM AS CR.